Past funded projects

Examples of research expertise include:

  • Advanced computer and network security technologies and frameworks 
  • Risk management and cyber resilience 
  • Whole-of-nation strategy and capability integration 
  • Geopolitics and the ethics of information warfare 
  • Causes and prevention of cyber crime 
  • Understanding the psychology of the end-user
  • Policing and investigation for cyber security 
  • Electronic evidence and biometrics in investigations and prosecution
  • Public international law and national law implications of data-mining analytic rules 
  • Trans-border data challenges for data protection, privacy and information security 
  • Human rights, civil liberties and activism in cyberspace 
  • Private regulatory models (e.g. ‘multi-stakeholder initiatives’) and corporate respect for human rights 
  • Regulation of markets for software vulnerabilities or illegal markets 
  • Ethical hacking, cyber war and cyber peace 
  • International law as a means to regulate cyber warfare 
  • Big data analytics for security 
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) secure design 
  • IoT in autonomous systems 
  • Secure software applications, mobility and BYO devices 
  • Ecosystem cyber security